International service

St Jude’s School:  The School of St Jude in Arusha, Tanzania was founded in 2002 by an Australian woman - Gemma Rice in 2002. The school selects students on the basis of their intelligence and the level of poverty of their family. The Club sponsored two students, two teachers and contributed to the cost of one of the School’s buses to the value of A$5,520. And via George McLean, who volunteered at the School during the year, the Club donated goods to the value of A$300.

Shelter Boxes: The Club funded one ShelterBox while members funded a number of others. The boxes are used in Disaster areas. ShelterBox is a global Rotary-supported humanitarian aid project that transports the boxes to disaster area. Amongst other disasters, this year the boxes were deployed to Christchurch and northern Japan.

Railako Water Project: Continuing on from a commitment made last year and in partnership with ‘Engineers without Borders’, the Club committed A$13,400 for a water project in the Timor-Leste village of Railako. Funds were also sourced from the RSL (US$2,000) and the O’Neill Foundation (A$5,000). The work has now been completed but a problem has developed with power for the new water system. The village’s generator is not powerful enough to run the water pump and the provide power to the village and surrounds. Other options are being investigated – either a stand-alone generator for the water system or a solar power system.


Patricia McDonell – kindly assisted by George McLean

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